Crossing Sticks (African-American)

Couples demonstrate their commitment by crossing tall wooden sticks in an African-American tradition that dates back to the time of slavery. The sticks represent the power and life force within trees. By crossing the sticks the couple expresses a wish for a strong and grounded beginning. If you decide to incorporate this tradition, you can choose large branches from both of your families’ homes or a place meaningful to you as a couple.

Reverend C.Knight

Hello, I am Reverend Knight. I became ordained in 2001 expressly for the purpose of serving as a wedding officiant for friends seeking alternatives to traditional church weddings. In 2009 I began planning my own wedding and realized two things quickly, first wedding are expensive, second officiants aren't as common as I'd expected. Even if I'm not the minister for your wedding I hope I can help here with advice and suggestions for your big day. 


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