Oklahoma Marriage Equality

 Oklahoma Marriage Equality

 Oklahoma Marriage Equality at Last

Congratulations to all those in Oklahoma who have waited so long for Oklahoma marriage equality.  In honor of this historic occasion and anticipating the day all 50 states recognize these marriages,all weddings we perform inside the city of Tulsa from now until Friday October 10th are only $50.  As a reminder to any same sex couple that we have performed ceremonies for, let us know when you get your marriage license so we can sign off and finish the job.

Reverend C.Knight

Hello, I am Reverend Knight. I became ordained in 2001 expressly for the purpose of serving as a wedding officiant for friends seeking alternatives to traditional church weddings. In 2009 I began planning my own wedding and realized two things quickly, first wedding are expensive, second officiants aren't as common as I'd expected. Even if I'm not the minister for your wedding I hope I can help here with advice and suggestions for your big day. 

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