Seven Steps (Hindu tradition)

Seven Steps (Hindu tradition)

After the couples has taken seven steps around the fire at their ceremony, their bond is sealed, and the following is recited in a ritual, Saptha Padhi. It also makes a beautiful reading on its own.

We have taken the seven steps. You have become mine forever. Yes, we have become partners. I have become yours. Hereafter I cannot live without you. Do not live without me. Let us share the joys. We are word and meaning, united. You are thought and I am sound.

May the nights be honey-sweet for us; may the mornings be honey-sweet for us; my the earth be honey-sweet for us; may the heavens be honey-sweet for us.

May the plants be honey-sweet for us; may the sun be all honey for us; may the cows yield us honey-sweet milk!

As the heavens are stable, as the earth is stable, as the mountains are stable, as the whole universe is stable, so may our union be permanently settled.

Reverend C.Knight

Hello, I am Reverend Knight. I became ordained in 2001 expressly for the purpose of serving as a wedding officiant for friends seeking alternatives to traditional church weddings. In 2009 I began planning my own wedding and realized two things quickly, first wedding are expensive, second officiants aren't as common as I'd expected. Even if I'm not the minister for your wedding I hope I can help here with advice and suggestions for your big day. 


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